The West was never bothered before that Mubarak wasn’t a democrat: If a dog offers to help you across the river, don’t ask if he is suffering from mange

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The way President Mubarak of Egypt has been dumped in the mud by his “friends” in the West is unbelievable. Only the state of Israel has been consistent in their support and show of gratitude to a man who, for thirty years, has been an important ally and prevented the destruction of Israel by Muslim extremists.

In France, Prime Minister Fillon is under a lot of criticism. The French Prime Minister has said the Egyptian president lent him and his family a plane during a holiday in Egypt at new year. I am disappointed by the Obama administration for turning their back on a friend. The West knew for thirty years that Mubarak was not a democrat. Suddenly, Mubarak is like someone suffering from a contagious disease. Now, all the news is about President Mubarak’s fortune. 

Don’t forget that, by being friends with the West, he put his own life in danger. His predecessor, Anwar El Sadat, was killed by extremist Muslims for signing a peace deal with Israel. No matter what the Egyptian people want, President Mubarak should be respected by the West and offered asylum. Trying to push down a drowning friend is evil. As the Bedouin of Egypt say, “If a dog offers to help you across the river, don’t ask if he is suffering from mange.”


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