Republican party and Tea Party: Languages differ but coughs are the same

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The Republican party and the Tea Party are like two viruses in the same petri dish; one is virulent and the other attenueted, but they both are still viruses. The latest polls suggesting that ninety percent of Republicans want the Tea Party to play a role within the GOP shows that the Tea Party and the Republican party are indivisible.

It shows also the opportunistic and hypocritical face of the Republican party. We have seen the faces of some of the political figures during the Tucson tragedy. One would think that the Republican party would distance itself from the extremists. It is like making a deal with the devil. It is true that the Republican party needs the Tea Party votes to pass or block laws.

If US politicians want civility, they need to distance themself from those whose mouths send young men to kill or else they are guilty by association. To me, there is no difference between the Republican party and the Tea Party. I would say in French, they are the tobacco of the same pipe. As the Luba  of Congo say, “Languages differ but coughs are the same.”


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