To all dictators who think they are protected under the US umbrella: A donkey always says thank you with a kick

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The US government is monitoring the protests in Egypt. President Mubarak, seen as a friend of the US and its allies, is in danger of being overthrown. The 82 year old dictator is resisting the calls for his resignation.Instead he dissolved his government to appoint his close ally as vice-president to appease his people. He certainly is trying to buy time, hoping for the situation to calm down.

Despite his friendship with the US government, Washington is showing signs of turning their backs. As you remember our modern history, the US did not save any of their former allies: Saddam Hussein, Mobutu, Manuel Noriega. The hypocracy of the US administrations is that they knew that their friends were abusing their own people but chose to close their eyes.

President Mubarak should go and finish his last days in exile. This can serve also to warn other leaders who “serve” the US, and oppress their own people. To all the dictators who help the US government and  believe that they are under the US umbrella: you  must know one thing, as the Maasai of Kenya say, “A donkey always says thank you with a kick.”


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