Happy New Year: Like the chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past

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2010 is history now. It was a tough year for the world economy, and a tough year for world peace as well. North Korea and Iran are still dragging their feet to the negotiation table over their nuclear programs. The Israeli and Palestinian negotiations are failing. Julian Assange, the founder and CEO of Wikileaks and seen by the US government as a troublemaker, has exposed the dark secrets of US foreign policy and many world leaders. Terrorism is still our challenge and Osama Bin Laden is certainly living a good life under Pakistani protection.

In the US, President Obama has proven that he is not Jesus Christ. Many of his supporters who saw in him the Messiah and were disappointed have started regaining their lost hope because of his remarkable achievements in December,  by signing with the help of the GOP a series of  bills to fulfill his campaign promises.

Nobody is God to predict the future; we can only guess at it. We can only hope for a better life in 2011 all around the world. We want peace and happiness. We cannot forget the past for a better future. Happy new year to all my readers. As the Malagasy say, “Like the chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past.”


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