President Obama achieving more with Republicans: Happy is a man who goes hunting for rats and catches an elephant

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After a big loss in the mid-term elections, President Obama, who has changed his attitude toward his political opponents in the Republican party, is achieving more in the few weeks before the Republican party takes control of the House of Representatives. He has chosen to basically to go it alone, against his own political party, negotiating with the GOP on some important issues such as the nuclear treaty with Russia, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the 9/11 Responders health bill.

It is a surprising achievement for a President who has been under a lot of criticism for not being tough enough with the Republican party. I do not know if you believe in Santa Claus, but it seems that the Republicans have given the president a Christmas present.

According to the White House spokeman, the president has spent a lot of time on the phone negotiating with Republican lawmakers. The president must be surprised himself. My theory is simple. The GOP understands now that they are going to govern together with the Democrats. Therefore, they are accountable as well in the eyes of the American people.

If there is a happy man in Washington, it is President Obama. As the Baganda of Uganda say, “Happy is a man who goes hunting for rats and catches an elephant.”


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