Dream Act fails to pass: He who lives on hope, dies of starvation

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The failure to pass the Dream Act, the immigration law that would give a path to citizenship to thousands of illegal aliens who came to America as children, is a big disappointment for many of us who were hoping to see this complicated situation solved.

These children come to America with their parents and have known only America as their country. Punishing a group of youth who are asking only one thing, to be legal and have an opportunity for a higher education and to achieve their dream, is cruel. The Democrats who had the control of the Senate and the House of Representatives and campaigned for immigration reforms did not achieve that dream become reality for many. It is disappointing.

In January, things will be even tougher for these desperate young men and women, because the Republican party and their allies the Tea Party will be in command in Washington. There is no hope that things will be in favor of these desperate children. For now, they are forced to put their dreams on hold and find other ways to survive. As the Arabs of Lybia say, “He who lives on hope, dies of starvation.”


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