Is Assange safe? Do not speak of rhinoceros if there is no tree nearby

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After been arrested over rape allegations in Sweden, Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks fame) has regained his freedom after posting a bond to the British authorities.

To me, Julian Assange is a living hero for his WikiLeaks work. His actions there are courageous. I’m concerned his life is in danger. The US government especially will do everything to arrest or kill him. Does Julian Assange have a safety plan?

We know that he cannot hide. He will be tracked down. The safest place for him will be North Korea or Iran. He will not be safe in his native Australia. His legal trouble is the beginning of a long journey of obstacles to stop him from exposing years of lies and manipulation of information. Julian Assange cannot hide, even on another planet. Being in British or Swedish custody is almost like being in the American’s hands. As the Maasai of Kenya say, “Do not speak of rhinoceros if there is no tree nearby.”


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