Obama losing support of Democrats? Children of the same mother do not always agree

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President Obama has been challenged by his own political party members over the compromise tax deal that he reached with the Republicans. While many in his own party think that the extension of the Bush tax cuts favors the rich more than those who make less than $200,000 a year, they think also that the President was not tough enough in negotiating this deal.

President Obama is being realistic. He will be judged based on what he has achieved, not based on what his political party has achieved. Many believe that he should have just said no. The consequences of saying no is much bigger than not doing anything. The message of the American people was clear during the midterm elections. They expect the politicians to get things done.

We do not yet know whether the Democrats will support the president or not with the needed votes. If he loses the support of his own party, it will show that he has no influence in his own camp. Time will tell if this controversial deal is a trap. As the Igbo of Nigeria say, “Children of the same mother do not always agree.”


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