Democrats need to be more assertive: He who is unable to dance blames it on the stony yard

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After winning the extension of low tax rates for the rich known as the Bush tax cuts, the GOP is setting the tone in Washington. Now, they are claiming that there is no time left to debate and vote on the defense authorization bill, which includes the repeal of the discriminatory law “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

What can we expect from the Democrats? They are just not as combative as the Republican party. The Party of No knows how to play with the clock. In January, with the new congress being sworn in, and the arrival of the elected Tea Party, we should expect the capitulation of the Democrats.

President Obama, who is the leader of the Democrats, has referred to the Republican party as “hostage takers” of the American people. The question is, what have the Democrats done to “free” the hostages? The Democrats are just not good at fighting back against their political opponents. As the Maasai of Kenya say, “He who is unable to dance blames it on the stony yard.” 


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