Rangle should admit wrongdoing and retire: A drunk man never admits being drunk

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If you do not believe that power corrupts, watch the attitude of Congressman Charles Rangel of New York. The 80 year old man is still fighting for his “honor.” Sometimes, public figures do not know when to retire. What was seen as a “great” political career was more an appearence.

This case confirms once again the corruption in Washington. The best way for Congressman Rangel to save face is to retire and accept his wrongdoing. There is no conspiracy in his case. He had a chance to make a deal with his peers to avoid national humiliation. Unfortunately, he was stubborn.

Despite the fact that the House ethics committee found Mr. Rangel guilty on eleven counts of violating House rules and failing to pay taxes, etc., the twenty term Harlem Democrat still claims his innocence. As the Bangala of Congo say, “A drunk man never admits being drunk.”



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