Does McCain’s opinion matter on Don’t ask, Don’t tell? He who eats alone, chokes alone

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Senator John McCain is under a lot of criticism for changing his position on the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that allows gay and lesbian to serve in the military, albeit in hiding.

The change in opinion is natural. As we grow, as time passes, as human beings, we have different approaches based on the reality at the moment. Even though the military leadership is fully supporting the repeal of what is seen as a discriminatory law, John McCain’s point also makes a lot of sense. Sexual orientation should be a private matter. Being gay or lesbian should not be a main concern in a military batallion.

The question is, why does John McCain’s opinion matter? Alone he cannot stop the repeal of this discriminatory law. Plus, if he has supporters who are not in favor of the law, John McCain will be the only one to pay the price for his stand. It is his right! As the Berber of Algeria say, “He who eats alone, chokes alone.”


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