Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, heroes or criminals? He who lives in the attic knows where the roof leaks

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The war of words between Wikileaks and the US administration is certainly one of the most interesting wars to watch. Can we trust the news that we watch or listen to every day?

Why should we trust the US government’s claims that the release of top secret information will put its troops and informants in danger? If there is no wrongdoing, why should they worry?

Behind the appearances are hidden dirty secrets, war crimes, dirty deals, and espionage that are not necessary pretty. It is true that all truths are not safe to expose. For sure, this release of information will change relations between the US and other countries, including its allies.

Now, should we blame those who see the US government as an empire that has lied to the world, assassinated people, and overthrown governments? Of course not! The US is not the only country which spies on others–the French do it, the British do it. Even Pakistan has a secret service. 

Should we see Wikileaks and Bradley Manning, the soldier who leaked US secret documents of an attack on civilians, as heroes or as criminals? For sure, by exposing the truth, American people who often see themselves as better than the rest of the world and don’t necessary understand the roots of anti-American sentiments should find in these leaks the dark side of US foreign policies. 

To me, soldier Bradley Manning is a true hero. His behavior speaks loudly about his disagreement with his country’s foreign policy. As the Herero of Namibia say, “He who lives in the attic knows where the roof leaks.”


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