Food aid may ease tension in North Korea: If you put a bone in the dog’s mouth, it doesn’t bark

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The world is holding its breath over the North Korean attack on South Korea. The worst fear is a reality today. Is it pure coincidence that, last week, the world was shocked to know that North Korea has an advanced nuclear facility, and today, only days later, it attacked its neighbor?

A fearless regime is capable of doing the worst. What is China thinking right now for supporting its crazy ally? It is true that China has always been against the reunification of the two Koreas. One united Korea will be a powerful neighbor and reduce China’s influence in the region.

Like a child in need of attention, is it the best way North Korea knows to force the international community to negotiate with them? It is a fact that North Korea needs food aid desperately. It is possible that massive international aid would ease tension in Pyangyang. As the Malinke of Mali say, “If you put a bone in the dog’s mouth, it doesn’t bark.”



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