Terrorists planning while we argue about full body scanners: A goat never grazes in the same place

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Nine years after 9/11, and Americans still have not learned our lesson. It is unbelievable that people can complain of the safety measures adopted by the TSA to assure a safe trip in airplanes. The TSA should do what it is assigned to do. If another attack in the air happens again in the US, the TSA will be the first to be blamed.

It does not make sense to forget, to not do everything we can to prevent future terrorist attacks by taking drastic measures. Full body scanners will save lives, because prevention is the best policy against catastrophy. While we argue for or against full body scanners, the terrorists are looking for other ways–by air, ground, or water–to hurt America again. As the Duala of Cameroon say, “A goat never grazes in the same place.”


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