Sarah Palin, the ultimate self-promoter: Good things sell themselves, those that are bad have to be advertised

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What is wrong with America? Sarah Palin, the ultimate self-promoter, is on TV again, this time with a special series on TLC. The first show had an estimated 4.6 million viewers. Like a wind sock, 4.6 million people did not resist the temptation to see the show.

If you do not want to see something on TV, then turn the TV off. Many certainly watched the show out of curiosity. Honestly, politics itself in America is becoming just like a TV show. America is losing ground nationally and internationally. Politics is about improving the lives of people. Politics is about ideas and convictions. Watching the Palin family was like watching a Hollywood movie. John McCain has ruined America.

Despite all these distractions, Palin is still very limited politically. A good presidential candidate should not force her destiny. Sarah Palin is the symbol of the decline of America’s political class. As the Bambara of Mali say, “Good things sell themselves, those that are bad have to be advertised.”


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