GOP making big promises: Thunder is not yet rain

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There is a difference between dream and reality, night and day, rhetoric and actuality. After the GOP wins in midterm elections, there are already signs that the political arena is going to become a circus.

It seems that the American people have given their hope and trust to the GOP out of desperation, not because of their grand ideas. The GOP claims they will repeal the new health care bill, cut spending, and so on, but do they have the votes and the final word to make the change?

How are John Boehner and his tribe going to impose their views without the Democrats? Have you watched congresswoman Michele Bachmann and  newly elected Tea party Senator Rand Paul, unable to explain how they are going to cut spending in Washington?

Where were they during the Bush years of fiscal irresponsibility? A populist campaign can get you elected, but when reality on the ground kicks, it is a different story. For now, it is the honeymoon. As the Maasai of Kenya say, “Thunder is not yet rain.”


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