Everything in politics is a cycle: Winning or losing is like a man’s testes; they swing back and forth

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President Obama‘s press conference and speech after the bloody congressional loss was painful. I have seen a broken man! Despite all the predictions prior to the elections, it seems that the president did not anticipate the huge upset of his political party.

President Obama certainly knows that he is not the first to endure such a painful fiasco. President Clinton and President Reagan were there and knew how it felt. They overcame difficulties to become two of the best and most successful presidents of the United States.

Politics is all about a combination of luck, opportunity, and pragmatism. President Obama can still learn from President Clinton. The GOP was almost dead a few years ago, while the Democrats were in heaven. In politics, it is a cycle. The losers of today are the winners of tomorrow, and vice versa. The Ewe of Togo would say, “Winning or losing is like a man’s testes; they swing back and forth.”



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