Crist’s hopes rest on Meek quitting: A mosquito can make the lion’s eye bleed

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Florida elections are often special in American politics. The three-way Senate race among Democratic US Rep. Kendrick Meek, Tea Party-backed Mark Rubio, and Independent Charlie Crist. The polls have been consistent for while, putting Rubio ahead of Crist and the Democrat candidate in third place.

Kendrick Meek is the key player in this election. The rumor of his dropping the race to favor Charlie Crist is certainly the best hope for this Republican who changed to become an Independent. It is also the best hope for the White House. For sure, the next three days may be the longest days in Crist’s political career.

Meek’s quitting may help Charlie Crist, but it does not guarantee his victory, especially if African Americans in Florida who seem enthusiastic when voting for “people who look like them” do not go to the polls. Kendrick Meek is the golden boy for Christ and a troublemaker for Mark Rubio. As the Arabs of Morocco say, “A mosquito can make the lion’s eye bleed.” 


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