America has lost prestige due to bizarre election campaigns: A person’s character is like pregnancy; it cannot be hidden

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This election year is an exciting and bizarre time in American politics, showcasing the obsession for power and the power of money to buy votes.

Negative ads on TV seem to be working. It is difficult to differentiate facts and lies. Americans are used to it and certainly love it. The only thing that matters is knocking down political opponents.

Dirty tricks have helped in the past to elect senators and presidents. Political scenes resemble a comedy, a Charlie Chaplin movie. An outsider will not take American people seriously. Witchcraft, God, masturbation and Aqua Buddha, it’s all part of what the Tea Party insurgency has to offer to be elected and “follow” the constitution as their second bible.

Did you see the anger in the eyes of Rand Paul during the Kentucky debate when asked about the Aqua Buddha? A good politician should not lose his temper in front of the nation. God help America! America has certainly lost it prestige. As the Hausa of Niger say, “A person’s character is like pregnancy; it cannot be hidden.”


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