West becoming a mosque-free zone: The fall of a dead leaf is a warning to the green ones

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Islamiphobia is on the rise in the West. The latest controversy is the opposition of construction of a mosque in the city of Marseilles, France–the most “Islamic city” in France. The opposition in France is led by the far right political party of Jean Marie Lepen.

While the opposition of a mosque near ground zero is understandable, slowly the West is shifting to a “mosque-free zone.” The West certainly understands that despite all the efforts for peace with Islam, violence will always be the primary language of what is clearly a bloody religion.

I have listened to the arguments of those who support the construction of the mosque near ground zero, and that they are planning to have a 9/11 memorial within the mosque. Honestly, the idea is even worse than building the mosque itself. It is like a hunter who hangs the head of a dead deer in his living room.

Depending on how you see the situation in France, Netherlands, or in the US, Islam is a religion that has a lot to explain to the non-Muslims around the world. We hear often that Islam is a “peaceful” religion by so-called “moderates,” but I have never seen a strong condemnation of terrorism by those who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is a real threat to world peace. The West certainly understands that now. As the Ekonda of Congo say, “The fall of a dead leaf is a warning to the green ones.”



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