Christine O’Donnell’s sure win slipping away: Clothes should not be made for an unborn child

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The new star of the Tea Party movement Christine O’Donnell’s enthousiastic win of the GOP primaries is slipping away. The more the people of Delaware learn about her past, the more she is sinking in the polls.

She is not helping her case by avoiding the media. In fact, she learned from her “Godmother” Sarah Barracuda Palin’s faux pas during interviews. America certainly will remember that Palin could see Russia from her backyard and that Africa was a country… enough knowledge to be “qualified” as first female American VP.

What can save Christine O’Donnell six weeks before the mid-term elections? Speaking in the name of God, the Tea Party movement does believe in miracles. They should hope that “Moses” will save the insurgent movement and take one of them to Washington. As the Bambara of Mali say, “Clothes should not be made for an unborn child.” 



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