Prince Johnson, presidential candidate in Liberia: A man isn’t dead until he is buried

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The news that Prince Johnson, one of the most dangerous warlords in Liberia during their civil war in the 90s, is running for president, is a shock for those who fight for democracy, justice, and peace. Prince Johnson is famously known as the warlord in Liberia who tortured and murdered ex-president Samuel Doe. Far from being different from Charles Taylor, Prince johnson’s hands as just as bloody as those of Taylor.

When Mr. Johnson compared himself to General De Gaulle as an example for becoming President, it made me laugh. Charles de Gaulle never shot a bullet during the liberation of France. Plus, Charles de Gaulle never killed French citizens.

Liberia should never forget that power corrupts. They should never forget that this man has caused much suffering in Liberia and his candidacy should not been even considered. Imagine if he’s elected as president: He can hold power and ignore their constitution. It has happened in the past in many countries.

All Liberians should never forget that Prince Johnson is still Prince Johnson, the man who committed atrocities in their land. As the Malinke of Mali say, “A man isn’t dead until he is buried.”



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