Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hijack Dr. King’s speech anniversary: Suspicion is the sister of the wrong

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Coincidence or pure provocation? Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has gotten attention by organizing the “Restoring Honor” rally on the anniversary of Reverend Martin Luther King‘s speech “I Have a Dream.”

Saturday was certainly a nightmare for Reverend Al Sharpton, who believes that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have hijacked Dr. King’s speech anniversary. Even though politics was not part of the rally, we all know who Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are, and what they believe in.

Civil rights should not be a synonym for Black rights, but African Americans have suffered so much from slavery to the fight for basic rights in America. It is unclear what Glen Beck and Sarah Palin have achieved. It is easy to talk about God and faith, but what have these two extremists of Fox News done to “sew up” the wounds between the races in America?  In fact they have reenforced racial tension between minorities and Whites. How do you trust someone who vomits intolerance? As the Berber of Morocco say, “Suspicion is the sister of the wrong.”


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