Choose another location for the Islamic center: The sore is cured but the scar remains

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The confrontation between supporters of the Islamic center near ground zero and opponents was unnecessary. While anybody has a right to express his opinion, it should not be an opportunity to spread Islamophobic sentiment.

We all agree that Islam is not a synonym for terrorism, but Islam has been hijacked by Islamist extremists to terrorize the West. It is a fact. Can we blame those who are against the mosque? The memories of 9/11 are still very fresh.

The leadership of the Islamic community in New York should step up and choose another location for their Islamic center. It is good for peace, it is good for the American people, and good for the families of the victims of the horrible crime of 9/11 in the name of Allah.

America is not ready to forget. As the Ekonda of Democratic Republic of Congo say, “The sore is cured but the scar remains.”




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