Republicans shouldn’t be overconfident: Do not laugh at the fallen; you may find slippery roads ahead

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The Republican party is feeling good lately. The president’s approval ratings are down, unemployment did not fall as expected by the Democrats, and then the president made his comments about the construction of an Islamic center in New York.

Political strategists are predicting a big loss for the Democrats in mid-term elections, which is sending the Democrats in a panic. However, there’s a┬ábig question mark still pending about the Republican party and their lack of a solution for the troubled economy, so there is no guarantee that the GOP will win big in November.

Trouble for the Democrats does not necessarily mean a good future for Republicans, who seem to have trouble dealing with the Tea Party candidates. Let’s wait and see what will happen in November. The Republican party might still lose in November. As the Serere of Senegal say, “Do not laugh at the fallen; you may find slippery roads ahead.”


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