Obama must pretend to agree on the mosque at ground zero: A chief in the village never sees the devil

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President Obama is the President of the United of America. President Obama’s support for the controversial idea of building a mosque near ground zero, is “fake” support. He does not have a choice. He does not want to be seen as a divisive president but rather one for unity, respect of minority rights, and freedom of religion.

Yes, one more mosque in America will not make America an Islamic country. But, honestly the decision is just in bad taste. We are not here to generalize but we cannot ignore who are the enemies of America on its own soil (young Muslim Americans brainwashed by extremists). We cannot ignore that the World Trade Center was hit twice because it was the symbol of capitalism. Nothing would prevent the same thing happening again.

President Obama might not actually agree with the idea but he must pretend to agree because he is the leader of the whole nation. He must be strong and not show a sign of weakness or fear. If the president worries, the whole nation will worry. As the Bakuni of Congo say, “A chief in the village never sees the devil.”

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