Charles Taylor’s gift of diamonds: One does not give a gift without a motive

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Naomi Campbell‘s saga at Charles Taylor‘s war crimes trial continues. Taylor, the former Liberian president, is accused of trading weapons for diamonds with the rebels in Sierra Leone. Thousands of people died in Sierra Leone in one of the deadliest military conflicts of our time. Mr. Taylor trained and commanded the rebels to kill and rape civilians in Sierra Leone.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is accused of receiving blood diamonds from Mr. Taylor. Ms. Campbell said she did not know who sent her the diamond, but she took the gift anyway. Her former agent Carole White and actress Mia Farrow insist that she knew who sent it.

There is nothing for nothing, as we say in French. Mr. Taylor certainly got Naomi’s attention. We will never know the whole story between the former president of Liberia and the supermodel. For sure, Charles Taylor understood that. As the Malinke of Mali say, “One does not give a gift without a motive.”

Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor

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