Bounty on Arpaio’s head: The higher the monkey climbs, the more it is exposed to danger

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The one million dollar bounty on the head of controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio by the Mexican cartel is great news for supporters of the Arizona immigration laws. It makes their case to those who are against that law.

Immigration reform in America is a nightmare for all administrations. Illegal immigration is a complex problem, an American cancer. There is no cure or a quick fix. It is clear that if a country cannot control its borders, its people in danger.

The Mexican cartel exports drugs and violence to America. They see the US as a green pasture. If the polls in the US suggest that most Americans support the new immigration laws, it exposes the collective failure of the US law makers. 

Racial profiling is wrong. It is difficult to characterize Sheriff Arpaio. Is he racist or a  nationalist? The bounty on his head speaks loudly. America is at war against the Mexican drug cartel. Sheriff Arpaio is the symbol of “resistance” against the invaders and does not hide his feelings against “Mexicans.” As the Creole of Sierra Leone say, “The higher the monkey climbs, the more it is exposed to danger.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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