To Dick Cheney’s health: Sometimes the body becomes healthy by being very sick

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Former US Vice President Dick Cheney will be released very soon from the hospital after another heart surgery.

Politics aside, it must be terrifying for his wife and children to see him cheating death and surviving a series of heart attacks. But the man seems strong and keeps going with his occupations. Maybe politics gave him the ability to survive.

Some days, I wonder why he cannot retire? Some people cannot survive retirement. Dick Cheney is certainly one of the most hated American political figures both outside and inside the United States. But, still he remains one of the most influential US vice presidents.

We all have friends and enemies. Even Jesus Christ did not have unanimous support. No matter what, let’s wish him a full recovery and a long life even though many of us disagree with his political views. Hopefully the surgery will “buy” him some more time to live. As the Arabs of Egypt say, “Sometimes the body becomes healthy by being very sick.”

Dick Cheney


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