Rangle Has No Sense Of Shame: Greed loses what it has gained.

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The Democrats are certainly seeing the beginning of the end of their majority in Congress and the House. Sometimes your worst threat comes from within your own family.

Charles Rangel, the powerful New York Representative, has been accused of 13 congressional ethics violations, putting the Democratic party against the wall for the next elections. Democrats are not better than Republicans when it comes to corruption.

The biggest disappointment is the attitude of Mr. Rangel, who seems to care less about the charges against him and has glib answers for every violation. Surprisingly, the man is running again for reelection. My grandmother always says to be careful with the man who has lost his sense of shame. The best attitude is to admit wrong doing and step down.

Mr. Rangel might be reelected, since people of color will support someone who looks like them regardless of that person’s bad behavior. Just remember the support O.J. Simpson got. Mr. Rangel is 80 years old and been in congress for 40 years. Even if he quits, he will likely be tried and will probably lose what he has gained, legally or illegally. As the Baoule of Ivory Coast say,”Greed loses what it has gained.”

Charles Rangel


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