The Media is Our Own Worst Enemy: If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents.

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Leaking US military secrets is unpatriotic. America’s worst enemy is its own media. The person who leaked the information is as guilty as the media who published the document online.

For years, the media has been the source of information for America’s enemies. While the media — such as CNN — is an instrument of the colonization of the mind and of promotion of American “ideals” around the world, it has also contributed to sharing key military strategies with the enemy.

More and more, the war is shifting to a failure to win. Winning is almost a fantasy. The latest news from Pakistan is not encouraging: the Pakistani intelligence is helping the Taliban. US taxpayer money is shifting hands to the Pakistanis and then to the Taliban. The war will not end, since the war is “beneficial” for both Pakistanis and Taliban.

This type of collective naivete from the US shows clearly that the US does not get it. The question is, how does the US define the word “victory.” As the Hausa of Niger say, ” If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents.”

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