Michael Steele in Hot Water Again: The butterfly that brushes against thorns will tear its wings.

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Elected to be the “Barack Obama” of the GOP, Michael Steele must live under a rock. He does not understand that The GOP is like a cult. As members of the cult, they think the same way, walk the same way, and believe in the same things.

Steele’s views about the Afghan war — “Obama’s war” — were problematic. But he has the right to express his opinion. We are a democracy.  Being a man of color and RNC chairman, and not being able to express his opinions, show clearly that Michael Steele is surrounded by people who do not like him.

Steele needs to quit and spend his time with his family. No matter how good he is, he will never be good enough for the GOP. As the Yoruba of Nigeria say, “The butterfly that brushes against thorns will tear its wings.”

Michael Steele



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