Elton John Sings at Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding: God is good, but never dance with the lion.

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Rush Limbaugh — the ears, eyes, and mouth of the conservatives in America — just got married. The 59 year old extremist, the “angry white man”, and the icon of the conservative movement is a very divisive and controversial personality. The shock is that Elton John, the gay extreme liberal, sang at the wedding for $1,000,000.

Are conservatives only conservatives for certain things? Did Elton John need the money or did he do it to take the money to put toward liberal causes? Limbaugh is known for his anti-gay rhetoric.  Does this wedding symbolize a change in Limbaugh’s views about gays and lesbians? 

To Elton John, we will say bravo for showing your greatness but, as the Bakalanga of Zimbabwe say, “God is good, but never dance with the lion.”

Rush Limbaugh


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