Violence in Jamaica: A diamond doesn’t lose its value due to a lack of admiration.

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 The reputation of Jamaica, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is on the line. While its government is trying to bring calm in Kingston, foreign media are painting the country darkly. 

There are crimes in the US as well as drug problems. If the US thinks that the tiny island of Jamaica is the source of its drug problems, then the US is looking in a wrong place. For sure, Jamaica will be the winner in this battle.

The world cannot forget that Jamaica has produced great athletes, great singers, and great writers. Human rights start with peace and freedom. Hopefully, the Jamaican government will find a way to negotiate with Mr. Coke, the suspected druglord, for a peaceful end.

Jamaica needs tourists. Scaring them off will affect its economy. As the Luba of Congo of say “A diamond doesn’t lose its value due to a lack of admiration.”

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