Sarah Palin Campaigning for 2012? Don’t beat the drums of war unless you’re ready to fight.

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Star of the GOP and leader of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin is visible everywhere. She is offering her support to political candidates who think like her and believe in her vision of America. Now, she is endorsing the Arizona anti-immigrant laws.

It is unclear if Palin is running for president in 2012. She seems to be campaigning already despite the fact that she is behind in all the political polls. She is a political opportunist who knows how to attract certain “types of white men” and uses her popularity to gain personal financial profit. (A new book is on way.) 

In America anything is possible. President George W. Bush“s election is just one example. Clearly she has a lot work to do. As the Koyo of Congo say, “Don’t beat the drums of war unless you’re ready to fight.”

Sarah Palin-Glenn Beck 2012

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