Time Square Terror: A cat keeps its claws inside until it meets a mouse.

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New York is still in shock after this weekend’s attempted terrorist attack. Evidence points to an international plot involving Pakistan. No doubt those who want to harm the US are people who dreamt about living in America, even becoming citizens of this great country. What happened?

Lately, young Somali, Ethiopian, and Pakistani Americans have been turning against the country that welcomed them and their parents. If America was that bad, why not just leave the country instead of causing chaos?

America has a tough task to distinguish between racial profiling and tracking citizens originally from regions that specialize in producing jihadists. America should sleep with one eye open. Who could believe that a jihadist could be Black and from Nigeria?

The US is clearly infested by enemies who are foreign-born US citizens ready to strike at any time. As the Bakota of Gabon say, “A cat keeps its claws inside until it meets a mouse.”





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