Goldman Sachs Execs Not Guilty: Salt doesn’t say it’s salty.

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Want to see the faces of evil and greed? Watch the former and current Goldman Sachs executives being grilled by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. 

The executives were asked to explain how they packaged complex mortgage-backed securities and sold them to investors, knowing that the housing market was about to collapse. That was fraud. What is most shocking are their attitudes: no signs of remorse for causing so much suffering to the people who trusted them, their clients.

As usual, both political parties recognize the urgency to monitor Wall Street activities. And yet, they blocked the move to reform Wall Street yesterday.

Clearly, Craig Broderick, Fabrice Tourre, Michael Swenson,  Joshua Birnbaum, David Viniar and Lloyd Blankfein will never confess of wrong doing and fraud. As the Tuareg of Mali say, “Salt doesn’t say it’s salty.”

Goldman Sachs executives


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