Black Extremists in South Africa: It is the absence of a cat that allowed the rat to climb onto the table.

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Black extremism is on the rise in South Africa. The leader of the Black extremists is, Julius Malema, president of the African National Youth League. His rhetoric is not far from those of White supremacists in Europe or in America.

Despite the lesson of humility, forgiveness, and greatness that Nelson Mandela taught the world, it is regrettable to see that extremism within his own political party and among Black people is growing. That unrest suggests that some people did not learn a lesson as to why it is important to have peace.

Peace is one of the factors that underlies progress and development in any country. We hope that South Africa and its leadership will not follow Robert Mugabe‘s path, shameful for the whole African continent. It will be a grave error to push the White minority out of the country. For us who believe in Darwin’s theory, all continents do not belong to a specific “race.” (The notion of race does not exist — only the ignorant believe in it.)

It is difficult to forget the past, but the policy of eye for eye will not change it. Clearly,the leadership of Mandela is already missed. Jacob Zuma does not have Mandela’s charisma. He is failing to stop Julius Malema from painting his presidency as a band of people who seek revenge against Whites.

If Malema exists, it because people sourrounding him agree with his views. It regrettable! As the Baoule of Ivory Coast say, “It is the absence of a cat that allowed the rat to climb onto the table.”

President Zuma and Julius Malema

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