An open letter to Black people and White people in America: Love is a painkiller.

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Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has added oil to the fire of race relations! For a while, we had a little break from your constant “cold war” between Black ignorant people and White ignorant people. Now things are back to “normal”.

Regardless of which side you are on, Black or White, slavery was a sad and dark side of our humanity. It is unimaginable to celebrate the suffering of others, and at the same time we cannot turn our backs on the past. The past helps us to be better in the present and future.

Every human being is a colored person: White is a color as well. Each side wants to score a point but, in reality, there are no winners and losers. We lose together or we win together.

South Africa has tried to create a council for national reconciliation, but still the struggle between Black and White is a source of tension. South Africa is not the United States of America; their history has similarities and differences.

Only ignorant people from both sides will hold anger toward each other. Instead of wasting that energy, why not do good for humanity? As the Baganda of Uganda say, “Love is a painkiller.”

Black and White together



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