Hamid Karzai Threatens To Join Taliban: It is not by watching a newly wed wife that she is going to become pregnant.

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Hamid Karzai has lost his mind. First, he was accused of committing election fraud. Now, he is threatening to join the Taliban if the US and the West keep pressuring him about fighting corruption and making reforms.

Hamid Karzai certainly is putting himself in a vulnerable position. In old times, the CIA “took care” of a president who switched sides. Now, the CIA does not “assassinate” anymore. For sure, Karzai is an illustration that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

President Karzai’s family members were accused of being involved in opium trade and corruption. It is certainly difficult for him to expose his relatives. A president is elected to work for his people. President Karzai was the hope to change a broken and corrupt system. He was also elected to bring the moderate Taliban into the government.

Karzai is the type of leader who knows how to use his charm, like double agent Ahmed Chalabi in Iraq. They both use rhetoric, but in reality nothing is done. The Afghans still face the same reality. Their expectations are high and Karzai is getting huge international support. There is no reason for him not to do the right thing — what’s good for his country. As the Ewe of Togo say, “It is not by watching a newly wed wife that she is going to become pregnant.”

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