Michael Steele Needs to Quit: If you befriend mosquitoes, they will still attack you at night.

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Definitely, Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, is not good enough for the Republicans. He has been under a lot of criticism since he was elected. Being the first man of color holding such a high position in the Republican party, it is not surprising that he is facing a lot of difficulties. Changes don’t happen overnight.

Facing such opposition and criticism, he should just quit. I sometimes wonder if Chairman Steele is realistic. In order to succeed in his “mission” to bring diversity to their party and win elections, the majority of  Republicans must change their mentality to accept diversity. My grandmother would say that Michael Steele is doing the work of oxen in the plantation field. No matter what, he will never be good enough and will not get  rewarded.

It is simple to see that some members of his party are sympathizers with the Tea Party movement, an association of primarily angry white men. So where does Michael Steele fit? As the Bemba of Zambia say, “If you befriend mosquitoes, they will still attack you at night.”

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