John McCain and Sarah Palin Together Again: A bad cook also has his share of bad food.

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Senator John McCain, former presidential candidate, is facing a challenge from within his political party as he seeks reelection. Many in his own party think that he’s not conservative enough. He has turned to his former running mate Sarah Palin for help.

As during the presidential election, when they were behind in polls, their rhetoric turned to hatred and anything that could fuel extremism. Clearly, John McCain did not learned a lesson from his defeat during the presidential election. He chose the Alaskan Governor who was not qualified to be a vice-president. Now, as the star of the Tea Party, she has the ability to attract certain types of people: extremists, anti-government types, the Timothy McVeighs, and those who believe that “their country” is going in┬áthe wrong direction.

I am not sure what John McCain is thinking! That it’s okay to win at any price even by using inflammatory rhetoric, which is already dividing America? Definitely, “the maverick” does not get it. Once again he made a bad choice to seek that kind of support. As the Balouba of Congo say, “A bad cook also has his share of bad food.”

John McCain and Sarah Palin

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