Shot Fired at Eric Cantor’s Office: He who defecates on the way finds flies on his way back.

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The passage of the health insurance reform bill in America has left the GOP in shock.

The election of Scott Brown, (the Massachusetts Senator who surprised America by winning the seat long held by the late Ted Kennedy) gave hope to the Republican party. Like a house built on sand, the hope slowly is starting to collapse. The Republican party is back to reality. Losing a battle is not easy. Losing and getting bitter about it makes them ridiculous. A defeat before the next election campaign is a recipe to disasters.

It is unclear whether the latest threats against Democrats and Republicans are another political distraction. The irony is that when a Republican leader such as Eric Cantor, a supporter of the Tea Party movement that preaches hate and violence, is himself “victim” of a threat and complains about it.

We all saw the depressing pictures of hatred against minority and gay senators. The Republican leadership did not condemn their actions. Eric Cantor and his GOP colleagues have a little taste of how others feel. As the Lari of Congo say, “He who defecates on the way finds flies on his way back.”

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