Pope Benedict XVI Accomplice to Sexual Molestation: A dirty stick makes everyone who touches it dirty.

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Pope Benedict XVI is under a lot of criticism for ignoring a case of sexual molestation while he served as Archbishop of Munich, Germany. Sexual abuse by priests is not new. The priests’ abuses have been covered up by the Catholic church for a long time.

These cases show the limits of human beings. A pope is not God. Even God himself would disapprove of Benedict’s past. The bad seeds of the Catholic church are painting the whole church dark. A priest pedophile is certainly in “heaven” being part of the Catholic church. Should we trust only nuns?

The priest’s hand is to eat, to hold the Bible, and to bless….not for touching kids inappropriately. Even though the pope himself is not the child molester, by ignoring the wrongdoing, he becomes an accomplice. Definitely, the Catholic church has to admit that they have a lot of work to do to clean up their house. The best way to do so is by admitting that there is a problem. As the Bemba of Zambia say, “A dirty stick makes everyone who touches it dirty.”

Pope Benedict XVI

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