Winnie Mandela accuses Nelson Mandela of letting down Black people: The bitter heart eats its owner

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Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of the former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, is under a lot of criticism for accusing her ex-husband of letting down Black people living in South Africa. Since their divorce, Winnie Mandela has been involved in many controversies and accused of using Nelson Mandela’s image for personal gain. Is this just the latest one?

Nelson Mandela is very well-respected all around the world, not for being jailed for many years in South African jails, but for his ability to forgive and for organizing a national reconciliation. By doing that, he saved his people from more blood shed. Peace does not have a price. Peace is the foundation of a long and durable development.

It is true that the expectations were high among the people of color. But, it takes time to overcome inequalities and fight poverty. We cannot forget that since the end of apartheid, South Africa has been governed by Black South Africans. Mandela built the foundation and retired. It is respectable.

Perhaps Winnie Mandela is still bitter over her divorce with her famous ex-husband. Perhaps not. For sure, her latest statements have put many people in┬áthe position of questioning her intentions. By trying to hurt her ex-husband’s legacy, she is hurting herself. Divorce is certainly not fun! As the Bemba of Zambia say, “The bitter heart eats its owner.”

Nelson and Winnie Mandela

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