Jim Bunning Blocks Unemployment Benefits Extension: It is more fun doing evil than putting it right.

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For a second time, U.S. Senator Jim Bunning has blocked the extension of unemployment and health insurance benefits. This case confirms again the weakness of the Senate rules. The all American political system is a mess. It is estimated about 1 million people this month will be thrown off the unemployment rolls. These people are Americans first not Democrats or Republicans.

A few weeks ago, Republican Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama was blocking theĀ  Senate confirmation of about 70 government appointees nominated by President Barack Obama. This tactic of evil make us question the patriotism of those who claim to love their country. Do these senators haveĀ  a conscience? Even though they disagree with the current administration, holding a nation hostage because of political differences is just wrong. As the Igbo of Nigeria say, “It is more fun doing evil than putting it right.”

Jim Bunning

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