Democrats losing ground in Congress: Do not laugh at the fallen. You may find slippery roads ahead.

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Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, a Democrat, is not running for reelection. He claimed that Congress is not operating as it should. While his decision is courageous, many see him as a quitter. Democrats and Republicans tend to blame each other for not achieving what the American people expect them to do: serve them.

Quitting is not the best approach to change things in Washington. Democrats for instance could not govern while they had a “super majority” of 60 senators. For some reasons, they had their own “bad seeds” in conservative Democrats. So, I wonder what make them Democrats? The ideology? Or they are in the wrong political party?

For sure before blaming the GOP as the source of their collective failure of not achieving anything the first year is just an excuse.

It is difficult to buy Senator Evan Bayh’s arguments. Change should come from brave senators who see the defects of the Congress and correct it while they are serving, not by quitting. God would not change the American Congress, but the people themselves must change it.

Americans deserve the type of congressmen that they have — it’s their choice. The culture of corruption and self-help is not new in American politics. Stop whining, Americans. To the Republicans, I say do not see the Democrats’ trouble as a victory. There is no guarantee of winning the coming elections. As the Bakamba of Congo say, “Do not laugh at the fallen. You may find slippery roads ahead.”

Evan Bayh

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