Tea party movement: Every head has its own kind of headache.

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A political insurgency is happening in America via the Tea Party movement. It is unclear what are their aspirations. For sure, they appear to be a group of angry people who still don’t accept the change in America.

There are no clear leaders of the movement. The movement is like a car running without a driver. Sarah Palin and Dick Armey, two political opportunists seem to be part of the movement. The question is, is this movement beneficial to their political career?

They are not necessarily part of the Republican party. The movement would be better off if it was a group of independent voters, tired of the old Democrat-Republican song.

If you want to change things, you need leaders and fresh ideas. The Bolshevik style of change with xenophobic messages is not the way to go. America needs a third political party to make politicians work for the people. The latest news of the Tea Party convention already started with name calling and insults. That is the recipe of a dark future. As the Kabyle of Algeria say, “Every head has its own kind of headache.”


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