Weapons to Taiwan: To get rid of anger, first weed out the bitter roots.

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China has reacted angrily to the news that the US may sell weapons to Taiwan. For those who follow international news, if you want to get the anger of the Chinese government, deal with Taiwan or Tibet. The roots of this animosity between “brothers” make Taiwan paranoid about the idea of China invading their country.

The question is, what has the US to gain from this deal? Lose Chinese economic relations, which are certainly more beneficial to the US, or sell the weapons to Taiwan and ignore Chinese complaints. For sure, the US government must expect retaliation from China.

The Chinese government should look at themselves in the mirror and recognize that intimidation is not the best policy to make peace with its neighbor. The two countries have the same history. As the Lunda people of Zambia say, “To get rid of anger, first weed out the bitter roots.”

China vs. Tawain

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