Obama’s State of the Union Address: A wrong step by the leader is a warning for those following

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Shifting gears from health care reform to job creation shows that the administration is paying attention to the severity of the recession on main street. At his first State of the Union address, the President has shown his leadership.

I am still very skeptical about how he’s going to build a bipartisan coalition to rebuild the economy and health care. Bringing Republicans on board is like taking a mule to the river: you cannot force it to drink water.

This year is a very exciting political year with the mid-term elections coming in November. Clearly, President Obama has acknowledged that mistakes were made by his administration in his first year at the White House, but his party need to be little be more aggressive. A president who does not have full support of his political party is a weak president. Obama’s failure will be a collective failure for the Democrats. As the Bayombe of Congo say, “A wrong step by the leader is a warning for those following.”


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